Friday, October 16, 2009

Terribly Girly on Galavision's Acceso Maximo.....en españooollll!!!

Big thanks to the sassy "Gabby Villanueva" from "Acceso Maximo" for joining us at the MaiKai to show the viewers of Galavision a peak into what we do! The supa-sexy Stef Smith Hussey and Aniela McGuiness were glammed up for their tropical pin-up shoot in the gardens of Ft. Lauderdale's Mai-Kai. All in all we had a fun and very, very hot day. The models were adorned and beautified by my amazing hair and makeup team (Riviera "the do-gal" and Virginia Le Fay!). Gracias to lil' Heather Inga for helping out throughout the day and suffering the intense summer heat.

Seems like every few months we have to brush on our Spanish for these fun TV spots! Let's keep 'em coming, ladies!

Watch the Terribly Girly on Galavision below!

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