Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Step Right Up! New Circus Pin-Up Photos (More to come soon!)

Hey all, I wanted to share a few of the images from the ultra fun Circus themed pin-up photo sessions the Terribly Girly crew have had the absolute pleasure to work on this month.  As mentioned, new dates have been added in May so please contact if you'd like to join in on the fun!

I'd like to send a big ol'  thanks to the gorgeous ladies that have joined us thus far!  The Terribly Girly crew and I are looking forward to all the upcoming Circus shoots in May!  I couldn't ask for a better team of hair, makeup and wardrobe geniuses!  Virginia, Riviera, Marilyn, Jess and Aurora are THE glam squad!  And many thanks to the talented lil' Inga for the rockin' help and creativity!

Here's a preview....enjoy!

Terribly Girly Photo Studio...the ONLY pin-up studio in South Florida!!

What do you get when you combine an inexhaustible drive, supportive friends and sleepless nights?  My photo studio!

Needless to say, I'm happy as hell to have a comfortable, spacious and damn cute studio that myself and the TG crew can work out of.  

Walls were destroyed, tiles were replaced, walls were then painted many times over (damn red paint wouldn't cooperate) and that was only the beginning. 

Thanks to Jean (who became very sick after sweeping mounds of dirt and dust,  then added insult to injury by enduring the toxic stink of paint night after night.  What the hell would I do without, really.   ;)

Another set of helping hands was provided by Marilyn and her lovingly named "house bitch", H.B. (Chris).  I mean, talk about bringing the muscle, handy work and wait, bob vila who???

Finally, a place is not complete without the right ambiance. Thanks to Heather, my lil' helping hands, we managed to get the place to scream "girl!".  I think it's the perfect balance of cool and fluff!  

Anyway, the doors were open for business shortly after the move.  Weeks have turned into months and things are FINALLY where they ought to be.  

Below are some photos of my home away from home...