Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Havana Days, Tropicana Nights" Themed Shoot Event!

Melding the best of both worlds....the sun, surf, palm trees, gorgeous cars, beautiful women and one of the hottest nightspots of the 1950's, we take a trip down memory lane and hope you'll join us while we recreate nostalgic images of Havana in the 1950's!

I am so happy to offer Havana Days themed photo sessions where ladies will be dressed to the nines in pencil skirts, ruffled tops, high heels, big hoops, lots of jewelry, big sexy hair and fresh flowers to adorn it!  We have a selection of gorgeous cars from this era.  Sunny Miami will serve as the perfect backdrop with bright blue skies and towering palm trees!

Another option for this themed event is Tropicana Nights!  Rumba tops, sexy showgirl costumes, congos, ruffles, feathers, flowers...among the ingredients we'll mix together to recreate the ultimate Cuban showgirl!

Let's go back to a time where Cuba was one of the most visited, most highly esteemed tropical paradises....the "pearl of the carribean".  The Terribly Girly crew and I are super excited to relive the beauty and nostalgia of a place we've only visited in photographs our grandparents have shared with us.  Let's make our own Havana postcards and make it our own history.

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LOCATION:    Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Miami, Florida (outdoor location to be determined for the “Havana Days” theme).


Choose Havana Days, Tropicana Nights or both!

Havana Days:  Classic car and shoot in to-be determined Miami outdoor location, professional makeup artistry and hairstyling in the studio, wardrobe if needed, CD with your final 8 retouched images and one gift print.

Tropicana Nights:  Themed set in the studio, costumes props & hair accessories, professional makeup artistry and hairstyling in the studio, wardrobe if needed, CD with your final 8 retouched images and one gift print.

SHOOT COST:  $350.00 for each theme or both for $650.00

BOOKING:  A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your date/time slot.  Please email at for availability!

Thursday, July 23rd (Tropicana Nights)
Friday, July 24th (Havana Days)
Saturday, August 8th (Tropicana Nights)
Saturday, August 15th (Havana Days)
Saturday, August 22nd (Tropicana Nights)

(More dates may become available depending on demand.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This n' that!

Been a while since I blog and needless to say we've been keeping pretty busy in the studio.  We finished the last of our "circus" shoots and I'm already missing the smell of hay in the studio.  :)

We've had so many wonderful ladies come through in the past couple of months, all ages, all races, all sizes.  Makes me really excited that such a diverse group of women reach out to us and allow us to pin them up!  We've celebrated new engagements, new pregnancies, weight loss, and birthdays...including a stunning woman "Miss '57"!

We're in the process of getting revved up for our new themed shoots beginning in July where we relive the beauty of Cuba in the '50's.  "Havana Days, Tropicana Nights" will be my new obsession and I will post more info. very shortly!

In other news, we were visited by Elizabeth Flores from Telemundo and we showed viewers the process behind our pin-up transformations.  Elizabeth was really sweet and Richard, the camera guy was hilarious!  Riviera, Virginia and Heather (Inga) joined me while we pinned up Ashley Dean and Nicole Nunez...two adorable girls.  Ashley was our Sultry Senorita, while Nicole sat amongst sunflowers, astroturf and flamingos for a fun Florida pin-up look!

I'll be posting the segment as soon as it airs along with the images from the shoots.

That's all for now...I'll be posting shoot info. very soon along with the Telemundo segment!