Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"French Kiss!" (Valentine's Day Photo Event) plus Terribly Girly featured across the US and Latin America during Valentine's Day!

Busy time for myself and the rest of the Terribly Girly crew this year!! We were interviewed and featured by a Spanish news agency and as it turns out the article was published everywhere from South Florida to LA to Venezuela and Mexico! Woohoo!! I tried compiling list of all the features, thanks to Aurora Lydia and Seb...thanks guys! All pretty awesome! I was incredibly surprised and stoked that the story had circulated to so many cities!!

Also, I've put together a cute lil' video featuring the lovely Ginelle when she joined us in the studio during our V-Day photo shoot for the news crew. Enjoy!

And here's a list of some of the articles that were printed...all very exciting!! Many thanks to Aurora Lydia for writing the English story and to Carlos from EFE Agency for the Spanish article!

KTLA.COM (Los Angeles),0,2923156.story

WQAD.COM (Moline),0,2532248.story

WPIX.COM (New York),0,4171797.story

KFSM.COM (Fayeteville),0,4161457.story

THE33TV.COM (Dallas),0,5999910.story




NOTICIAS24.COM (Venezuela)


CARACOL.COM (Colombia)








ORLANDO.ELSENTINEL.COM (Orlando),0,4042142.story


Join us for our Valentine's Day PinUp shoot event "French Kiss" !!

We'll be mixing' a dash of "Moulin Rouge" with a sprinkling' of "Cabaret" and it will all be so ooh-la-la!

Shoot Details:

Location: Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Midtown Miami, FL

Sessions Include: Themed sets including props, Professional makeup artistry and hairstyling, Wardrobe (if needed), CD with your final 8 retouched images and one gift print.

Shoot Cost: $350.00

Deposit: A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your booking. The day of the shoot this amount will be deducted from the shoot cost.

Shoot Dates: Now through Feb. 7th

Remember gift certificates are available!

Also, your photos can be printed on coffee table books and calendars…these make sweet gifts for your honey!

Groups can also be accommodated! If you and your group of gal pals want to make a fun day of this please contact us for group rates!

(If you have a specific idea that your honey will love and would prefer to stray from the theme, please ask to be accommodated. You will still be able to take advantage of the shoot special.)

This is going to be fun!!! :)

Please contact for booking information!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Terribly Girly Girls of Nov & Dec plus News!

Well, hard to believe the year’s almost over! I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays and wish everyone a successful and gratifying new year. Many thanks to all the ladies that joined us in the past couple of months…it was so much fun meeting so many new gals and spending quality time with the girls that revisited us for their second or third rounds! Please check out the slideshow for new images!

We had a great time getting everyone dolled up for the holidays and I’m so happy with the outcome of everyone’s shoots! We’ll be looking forward to the new year, new projects and makin’ new friends!

As always, those who have signed up to my newsletter get first dibs on shoot specials and private invitations…so sign up to stay in the know!

In other news!
New projects/events that are on the way include our Terribly Girly Grand Opening/5 Year Anniversary party in January! In February we hope you join me on the 13th of Feb. for the first annual All-Girl Art Revue! Please stay posted for more information. This will definitely be a cool event!

Valentine’s Day Pin-Up Sessions!
We began booking for Valentine’s Day and will be posting shoot details very soon! The last day for booking to ensure you get your photos in time for Valentine’s Day gift-giving is Sunday, February 7th. Please contact if you’re ready to plan your Valentine’s Day shoot!

A Very Happy New Year to all!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Terribly Girly's Naughty or Nice Holiday Pin-Up Event!

We're getting geared up for the holidays by offering super sexy or delectably sweet holiday pinup photo shoots! This is a fun way to treat yourself and your honey to a unique gift!

You'll be primped to the nines by the glam squad and wardrobe and adorned to become a Sexy Snow Bunny or a Santa's Naughty Helper….or both!

Have you been Nice?
The Sexy Snow Bunny set is for the girl who wants to show a little, flirt a lot and leave more to the imagination. The set will consist of light pastel colors, wardrobe can involve lingerie, ruffled panties, sheer babydolls, fuzzy sweaters, glam jewelry and classic pinup hair and makeup….think late 50's Marilyn Monroe and early 60's Brigitte Bardot.

Have you been Naughty?
And for the sexpot, we are offering the Santa's Naughty Helper set. Sexy lingerie, corsets, garters and stockings rule this look and predominant colors will be red pink and black. This look is very much inspired by the campy playfulness of the late Bettie Page. This is for the girl that wants to be sexy and flirty and show a bit more.

Shoot Details:
As always, the TG crew will make sure you feel and look your best and you will be guided throughout the shoot!
If you're interested in booking a holiday shoot but want a family friendly theme please inform us and we'll be happy to plan something fun with you. Couples and families are welcome to join in as well! Please inquire about couple's rates, additional fees for kids and ask about Group Rates for Holiday PinUp parties (just for girls)!

Shoot Cost:
$350.00 (one look)
Group rates can be arranged for groups of 3 or more!

$600.00 (two looks)

Sessions Include:
Professional Make-Up Artistry, Hairstyling and Wardrobe Styling (if needed) by the glam squad!
Photo Session including one or two looks, backgrounds, props, etc.
CD with your final, retouched images (8 per look).
One gift print per look.

Shortly after our shoot you’ll receive “teaser shots” via e-mail. Your package with your CD and gift print is normally mailed out 3 weeks after the shoot. Since we have a Holiday deadline please book accordingly but I'll make sure everyone gets their packages in time for the holidays for any last minute bookings. I also upload your images to a site where you’ll be able to order prints from your shoot and fun items like magnets or coasters as well as economical print packages. Your photos can also be printed in custom calendars or coffee table books if you plan to give your photos as a gift!

(Gift certificates are also available!)

Shoot Location:
(The New) Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Midtown Miami, FL

Shoot Dates:
Thursday, December 3rd (with LA makeup artist Angel Jagger!)
Friday, December 4th (with LA makeup artist Angel Jagger!)
Saturday, December 5th (with LA makeup artist Angel Jagger!)
Friday, December 11th
Sunday, December 13th

(If anyone is interested on a weekday not listed please let us know so you can be accommodated.)

A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your booking and you will receive a checklist with tips to help you prep for your shoot along with the address and directions to the studio once you're booked.

Contact: directly for booking requests and to secure your date!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I moved! And Terribly Girly Girls of Sept and Oct!!

Well, I'm finally in the new Midtown Miami studio and needless to say I'm exhausted! I've had many long nights getting things unpacked and getting the new space ready to go. It's been fun however, getting settled in to the new TG Headquarter! I'm excited to have everyone over and am super stoked to have a much more comfortable place for the ladies, the crew and myself to get together in. I'll be posting new studio photos soon!

In other news, my website redesign is almost completed and the New! Terribly Girly website will go live in just a couple of weeks. Thanks to Jean for burnin' the midnight oil in order to get the ball rollin'. You're the best!

Below, I've compiled a slideshow of images from some of the shoots we've done between Sept. and Oct. We met some awesome ladies and had the opportunity to see some of you for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time!

Thanks to all the girls who joined us in the past year and I'll be looking forward to new faces, old faces, fun times and cool new projects that are on the way!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Terribly Girly on Galavision's Acceso Maximo.....en espaƱooollll!!!

Big thanks to the sassy "Gabby Villanueva" from "Acceso Maximo" for joining us at the MaiKai to show the viewers of Galavision a peak into what we do! The supa-sexy Stef Smith Hussey and Aniela McGuiness were glammed up for their tropical pin-up shoot in the gardens of Ft. Lauderdale's Mai-Kai. All in all we had a fun and very, very hot day. The models were adorned and beautified by my amazing hair and makeup team (Riviera "the do-gal" and Virginia Le Fay!). Gracias to lil' Heather Inga for helping out throughout the day and suffering the intense summer heat.

Seems like every few months we have to brush on our Spanish for these fun TV spots! Let's keep 'em coming, ladies!

Watch the Terribly Girly on Galavision below!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vintage Vamp Halloween Shoots & more from September!!!

Vintage Vamp Halloween Pin-Up Photo Shoots!

Halloween’s around the corner and we’re excited to offer a “Vintage Vamp” Halloween themed event beginning to book now and through October 24th!

Join the Terribly Girly crew this Halloween and be transformed into a vintage vamp!
We’ll have three different sets/looks to choose from.

We’ll draw inspiration from film noir of the 40’s where you can play a glamorous vamp, as well as from Ed Wood’s sci-fi classic “Plan 9 from outer space” where you can play the role of spooky and sultry Vampira. And we’ll also be offering a 20’s styled vamp set (inspired by the art of Edward Gorey)!

As always, the TG crew will make sure you feel and look your best and you will be guided throughout the shoot!

Shoot Cost:
$350.00 (one look)
Group rates can be arranged for groups of 4 or more!

$600.00 (two looks)

Session Includes: Professional Hair and Makeup, wardrobe (if needed), 8 final retouched images and a gift print.

Shoot Location: Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Miami, FL

Shoot Dates:
Booking through Oct. 24th

Deposit:. A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your booking and you will receive a checklist with tips to help you prep for your shoot along with the address and directions to the studio once you’re booked.

Contact: directly for booking requests and to secure your date!

Check out this behind the scenes video as we recreate one of our Maila Nurmi photos!

Here's a look at my recent shoot with Maytee Brings of Phat Joe's Tattoos and creator of Mayeville! Angel Jagger, Heather and I had the pleasure of paying homage to Angelique Houtkamp by recreating one of her paintings into a photograph. A full series is in the works and I'll be posting them soon! Hope y'all dig it! :)


Behind the scenes look at our shoot for the Campeones Marina 2010 Calendar. We had a great time gettin' the gals dolled up and shooting around the marina. Thanks to the TG crew, the gorgeous models, and the staff at Campeones Marina. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Shoot Special through Sept. for Newsletter Subscribers!

Have you signed up to my newsletter?? If not, then you're missin' out on shoot specials and fun news!

Please go to www.​​terriblygirly.​​com,​ join the newsletter, and look out for monthly specials only available to subscribers, as well as first dibs on themed shoots!

Join in and take advantage of our mini-shoot specials running through the end of September. Please ask for more info. if you're interested and as always, return gals get special rates!


Please join the newsletter and take advantage of the mini-shoots offer available for a limited time only.

Thanks for readin' and cheers!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Terribly Girly Girls of July & August as well as news!

Another two months have gone by and I’m absolutely stoked with all the shoots we’ve done and all the cool people we’ve met! We kept busy in the studio with our one-on-one pin-up shoots as well as with more TV features, the Havana/Tropicana themed day shoots and we completed a really cool 2010 calendar for Campeones Marina featuring some gorgeous gals, most of which I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in the past!

This coming September the Terribly Girly crew will be featured on Galavision’s evening show “Acceso Maximo” where we transformed the show’s beautiful hostess, Gabby Villanueva, into a tropical pin-up temptress. The Mai-Kai restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale served as the backdrop for the segment. Thanks to the MaiKai, Gabby, the show’s producer, models Stef and Aniela and the camera crew for a fun day!

Also, I’ll be posting images from the Campeones Marina 2010 calendar very soon as well as a fun behind-the-scenes video!

Another fun project we’ll be completing soon is a video production courtesy of the amazing Jason and Guy of Lantern Light studios. The crew (Virginia Le Fay, Jenn D Basing, Heather & I) as well as model Crystal gave them a glimpse into our world and they couldn’t have been more hilarious and fun to collaborate with!

Check back for more news and please sign up to my newsletter to receive shoot specials and first dibs on our upcoming Halloween themed pin-up shoots which will begin booking in September as well as holiday shoots beginning to book in October.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tropicana Nights event teaser shots!

Sooo...we were joined by three lovely ladies who just so happen to embody precisely the sass and ass (ahem) needed to pull off the look for our first "Tropicana Nights" shoot event! Many thanks to Yasi, Alicia and Vanessa for playing dressing up with us.

The girls and the crew kept going that day by consuming a lethal dose of colada, pastelitos and croqueticas. Yummm!

I finally completed a ridiculous behind-the-scenes vid with plenty of maraca and ass shakin'!

I'll be doing more Havana themed shoots throughout the next two months and I'm really excited about our "Havana Days" shoots coming this Sat. afternoon. Hopefully the weather works to our advantage and we have bright blue skies overhead and a nice cool breeze! Too much to ask? Well, damn it, how's no rain?

We'll have to wait and see...


(Check out the slide below for teaser shots...I'll be uploading more shortly!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Terribly Girly Girls of May and June!

Many thanks to all the amazing women that have joined the Terribly Girly crew and I during the past couple of months. We've made so many new friends and have had so much fun getting so many adorable gals all dolled up!

Since it's been impossible to update my website every month with new images I'm going to start setting up monthly galleries of new photos. This way I can share as often as I like!

Thanks again to all the ladies that joined us and to all the girls who have referred friends and have helped spread the word! :)

Terribly Girly Crew en Telemundo!

Just a quick update so I can share the segment that Telemundo aired this past Friday evening.
The crew and I thank the lovely reporter, Elizabeth Flores for the great segment.  I'm really happy that the segment delved a bit into the history of pin-up art!  Many thanks to Virginia, Riviera and Heather for joining in as well as the gorgeous models, Nicole Nunez and Ashley Dean.  You ladies rock!  
Watch the segment below and don't make fun of my Spanish!  It's a bit nerve wracking to have the camera staring back at 'ya.   :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Havana Days, Tropicana Nights" Themed Shoot Event!

Melding the best of both worlds....the sun, surf, palm trees, gorgeous cars, beautiful women and one of the hottest nightspots of the 1950's, we take a trip down memory lane and hope you'll join us while we recreate nostalgic images of Havana in the 1950's!

I am so happy to offer Havana Days themed photo sessions where ladies will be dressed to the nines in pencil skirts, ruffled tops, high heels, big hoops, lots of jewelry, big sexy hair and fresh flowers to adorn it!  We have a selection of gorgeous cars from this era.  Sunny Miami will serve as the perfect backdrop with bright blue skies and towering palm trees!

Another option for this themed event is Tropicana Nights!  Rumba tops, sexy showgirl costumes, congos, ruffles, feathers, flowers...among the ingredients we'll mix together to recreate the ultimate Cuban showgirl!

Let's go back to a time where Cuba was one of the most visited, most highly esteemed tropical paradises....the "pearl of the carribean".  The Terribly Girly crew and I are super excited to relive the beauty and nostalgia of a place we've only visited in photographs our grandparents have shared with us.  Let's make our own Havana postcards and make it our own history.

(Pssssst.....if you’ve signed up to my newsletter you will given booking priority!)


LOCATION:    Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Miami, Florida (outdoor location to be determined for the “Havana Days” theme).


Choose Havana Days, Tropicana Nights or both!

Havana Days:  Classic car and shoot in to-be determined Miami outdoor location, professional makeup artistry and hairstyling in the studio, wardrobe if needed, CD with your final 8 retouched images and one gift print.

Tropicana Nights:  Themed set in the studio, costumes props & hair accessories, professional makeup artistry and hairstyling in the studio, wardrobe if needed, CD with your final 8 retouched images and one gift print.

SHOOT COST:  $350.00 for each theme or both for $650.00

BOOKING:  A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your date/time slot.  Please email at for availability!

Thursday, July 23rd (Tropicana Nights)
Friday, July 24th (Havana Days)
Saturday, August 8th (Tropicana Nights)
Saturday, August 15th (Havana Days)
Saturday, August 22nd (Tropicana Nights)

(More dates may become available depending on demand.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This n' that!

Been a while since I blog and needless to say we've been keeping pretty busy in the studio.  We finished the last of our "circus" shoots and I'm already missing the smell of hay in the studio.  :)

We've had so many wonderful ladies come through in the past couple of months, all ages, all races, all sizes.  Makes me really excited that such a diverse group of women reach out to us and allow us to pin them up!  We've celebrated new engagements, new pregnancies, weight loss, and birthdays...including a stunning woman "Miss '57"!

We're in the process of getting revved up for our new themed shoots beginning in July where we relive the beauty of Cuba in the '50's.  "Havana Days, Tropicana Nights" will be my new obsession and I will post more info. very shortly!

In other news, we were visited by Elizabeth Flores from Telemundo and we showed viewers the process behind our pin-up transformations.  Elizabeth was really sweet and Richard, the camera guy was hilarious!  Riviera, Virginia and Heather (Inga) joined me while we pinned up Ashley Dean and Nicole Nunez...two adorable girls.  Ashley was our Sultry Senorita, while Nicole sat amongst sunflowers, astroturf and flamingos for a fun Florida pin-up look!

I'll be posting the segment as soon as it airs along with the images from the shoots.

That's all for now...I'll be posting shoot info. very soon along with the Telemundo segment!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Interview in The Artery Magazine!

The Artery Magazine
is chock-full-of music reviews, featured artists and keeps you in the loop with new event postings!  I was lucky enough to have been contacted by writer, Laura Sargent who interviewed me for the magazine where I was listed as a "featured artist"!  Needless to say, I was extremely flattered and upon reading through the site, was so excited to find so many cool artists I'd no idea existed.  Go to and check it out!  While you're there check out the "Miss Valentine" feature!  Pretty cool...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Step Right Up! New Circus Pin-Up Photos (More to come soon!)

Hey all, I wanted to share a few of the images from the ultra fun Circus themed pin-up photo sessions the Terribly Girly crew have had the absolute pleasure to work on this month.  As mentioned, new dates have been added in May so please contact if you'd like to join in on the fun!

I'd like to send a big ol'  thanks to the gorgeous ladies that have joined us thus far!  The Terribly Girly crew and I are looking forward to all the upcoming Circus shoots in May!  I couldn't ask for a better team of hair, makeup and wardrobe geniuses!  Virginia, Riviera, Marilyn, Jess and Aurora are THE glam squad!  And many thanks to the talented lil' Inga for the rockin' help and creativity!

Here's a preview....enjoy!

Terribly Girly Photo Studio...the ONLY pin-up studio in South Florida!!

What do you get when you combine an inexhaustible drive, supportive friends and sleepless nights?  My photo studio!

Needless to say, I'm happy as hell to have a comfortable, spacious and damn cute studio that myself and the TG crew can work out of.  

Walls were destroyed, tiles were replaced, walls were then painted many times over (damn red paint wouldn't cooperate) and that was only the beginning. 

Thanks to Jean (who became very sick after sweeping mounds of dirt and dust,  then added insult to injury by enduring the toxic stink of paint night after night.  What the hell would I do without, really.   ;)

Another set of helping hands was provided by Marilyn and her lovingly named "house bitch", H.B. (Chris).  I mean, talk about bringing the muscle, handy work and wait, bob vila who???

Finally, a place is not complete without the right ambiance. Thanks to Heather, my lil' helping hands, we managed to get the place to scream "girl!".  I think it's the perfect balance of cool and fluff!  

Anyway, the doors were open for business shortly after the move.  Weeks have turned into months and things are FINALLY where they ought to be.  

Below are some photos of my home away from home...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Only Pin-Up Photo Studio in South Florida!

Take a little glimpse inside Terribly Girly photo studios in this clip from Biz Buzz Tour!

CLICK HERE to watch!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Circus themed pin-up photo shoots! (now booking through April!)

Sooo..everyone loves the circus and since I've had many recent requests for this particular theme, we've set up a circus themed shoot running through April!
Ladies will get a fun chance to get all dolled up and frolic in really cool costumes among a variety of ultra cool circus sets that the lovely Heather "Inga" will be whippin' up!

We're planning on having 3 different sets for gals to choose from and I'll have a costume/wardrobe stylist and creator catering to every gals wardrobe needs!

Think super sexy, super fun!

Contact for more info. and to secure your spot!


Miss V