Monday, December 28, 2009

Terribly Girly Girls of Nov & Dec plus News!

Well, hard to believe the year’s almost over! I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays and wish everyone a successful and gratifying new year. Many thanks to all the ladies that joined us in the past couple of months…it was so much fun meeting so many new gals and spending quality time with the girls that revisited us for their second or third rounds! Please check out the slideshow for new images!

We had a great time getting everyone dolled up for the holidays and I’m so happy with the outcome of everyone’s shoots! We’ll be looking forward to the new year, new projects and makin’ new friends!

As always, those who have signed up to my newsletter get first dibs on shoot specials and private invitations…so sign up to stay in the know!

In other news!
New projects/events that are on the way include our Terribly Girly Grand Opening/5 Year Anniversary party in January! In February we hope you join me on the 13th of Feb. for the first annual All-Girl Art Revue! Please stay posted for more information. This will definitely be a cool event!

Valentine’s Day Pin-Up Sessions!
We began booking for Valentine’s Day and will be posting shoot details very soon! The last day for booking to ensure you get your photos in time for Valentine’s Day gift-giving is Sunday, February 7th. Please contact if you’re ready to plan your Valentine’s Day shoot!

A Very Happy New Year to all!!

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