Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For those of you who don't know, I play bass in Shroud Eater. Check out for more.

I divide my time between running my photo studio and playing in a band with two of my fav peeps on earth. It's therapeutic as hell to plug my Fender into my Ampeg, turn it up and make some damn noisssse!!

Please follow us on for show updates and if you're in the area please come out to a show.

Here's what people have had to say about us...pretty rad! :)

Wanna hear some dude cavemanning the fuck out of his drums, while depth-charging bass rampages under dirty, nasty FILTHY dark fuzzed out guitar? Wanna hear some of the ballsiest female vocals these ears have heard in many a year? YOU DO? Then you NEED to hear SHROUD EATER! - THE SLEEPING SHAMAN

Two ladies and one dude kick up a mighty hurricane in Miami. They're like if Kylesa cut out the prog and played straight-up noise rock. - DECIBEL MAGAZINE

If you ever wondered what Kyuss or the Jesus Lizard would sound like with a healthy estrogen dose, well, here it is: Miami's answer to Savannah's Kylesa. - MIAMI NEW TIMES

Shroud Eater waste no time in showing they're capable of toying with structure to get a point across… there's more to the band than hardcore noise for grown-ups. Their take on noise is like AmRep for the literati. - THE OBELISK

Sludge and stoner with an alternative nineties feel, that's what you get. Imagine a crossbreed between The Melvins, Iron Monkey without the screaming and The Jesus Lizard and you're close to what this threesome sounds like. - ASICE E-ZINE

Fairly intricate interplay between vocals, slower/sludgier parts and galloping rock’n'roll/metal. Its a modern day metal/sludge/rock done right – with all the ferocity (and a certain amount of groove) that one can expect from such band. - I HEART NOISE

Punchy drum beats that remind me of Helmet and early 90's Prong only more laid back and with perhaps a more punctuated rhythm. The guitars are choppy and thick as they lay a solid foundation. The vocals are rough, cutting and fit in perfectly. - HEAVY METAL TIME MACHINE

"We Are Beasts" attacks in pure Punk Rock meets Stoner Rock fashion with a confusing riff and a very un-predictable song structure. This un-conventional way of playing gives the band their edge … they take Punk, Stoner, Doom, 90's Alternative Rock and put their own sound over the top of it. - (8/10) DOOMMANTIA

The first song sets the mood with the chorus "We are Beasts!", and keeps moving till the killer last song which is an instrumental. This is great stoner music, with a little punk aggression in the vocals. - SLUDGE SWAMP

You can buy CD's and Tshirts at

Shroud Eater from Elephas Productions on Vimeo.

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